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Can I make chicken enchiladas this way and how would I do it?

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Ds15 wants chicken enchiladas for dinner. Dh is allergic to dairy. Dd is allergic to chili peppers but can tolerate a bit of chili powder but not much. I was thinking of making a base recipe and then separating it out into smaller baking dishes - one dairy free, one chili free and a bigger one "normal". I can use Imo as a dairy free sour cream. What else would I use in the dairy free chicken enchiladas? And for the chili free one do I just make a normal recipe sans chilis or will I have to add something to make up for it?

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I have written and rewritten..... and I think that your dd and dh should have burritos, you can season the chicken, then let them put what they want in it and roll them. Larger flour tortillas work great. Everything I came up with (red sauce for dairy free, and cream sauce w/o chilis) seemed like a lot of work and may still have forbidden ingredients. Then all you need to do is hold out some meat. Or all eat burritos. I put salsa in the chicken meat, heat, then put on a heated tortilla w/cheese, onion, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, and tomato.


It reminds me of when we went to Santa Fe with friends. We had just come from the all day train ride to Colorado (and stunk like the coal from the train, but didn't know it) and we ate at the restaurant next to the opera house (fancy and we were in jeans). I am lactose intolerant, and another in our party is vegetarian. We both ordered chicken enchiladas, his without the chicken, mine without the cheese. The chef came out to our table and was very puzzled.... but when we explained, he made each of our dishes like we asked.

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Could you do one dish with tomatillos? The red sauce is ground chili. With green you could just leave it out. I'd fill it with chicken and mushroom and a bit of vegan sour cream. Do you live near a health food store? Daiya isn't too bad on enchiladas: http://www.daiyafoods.com/our-products/cheddar. Maybe set some of the warm sauce aside and add in a bit of chili to it, to be added by those who can eat it.

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