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Have you started the new school year yet?

Have you started the new school year?  

  1. 1. Have you started the new school year?

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Well........ Are we going to be able to meet up one more time? Or is therapy still M/W/F? How is it going? Arm feeling any better?

Dh goes back to work on Monday. I've quit therapy since I've been able to get back to 97%. The rest will just take time. We will have to find a place that is half way. Email me.

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We've been in our new school year since the first week of June. We started working 15 days a month, and so far, so good! My son craves structure, and I need to have days in the week to focus only on household stuff. :)


Edit: Not to say, we don't go have fun on other days...lol.

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