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I live in a smallish town and although we have a mall, it's pretty pathetic. It does have a Gymboree though and that's always where I started out for good, tough cute clothing for the kids.


We live in a cherry growing community and when DD was three, Gymboree had this cute line that focused on cherries. She had a little skirt with built in shorts that had teeny cherries embroidered on it and a teeny, glitzed out cherry pink shirt and navy knee socks with cherries on them.


I remember her being three and playing at the park so hard that she would not stop to pee so her skirt got soaked while she was running. I remember those knees all skinned up but the cute little socks right under the scrapes and she still wouldn't stop. I remember the sun in her hair as her little barrettes went flying off behind her.


And then I logged onto Gymboree this weekend and the cherry line is back, complete with those socks. It took my breath away. In my head, DD is still three. Even though I see the grown up 8 year old, in my head I know that crazy 3 year old is around here somewhere.


Ack! Motherhood! And I'm not even PMSing!! But those %$#@%$# socks...


I bought three pairs of those knee socks. DD hates knee socks but if I burst into tears, she will surely wear them every once in awhile, right?? I know she has little intersest in the dresses. I'm ok with that. But I need to know those socks are there.

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Ack! Motherhood!! And I'm not even PMSing... But those darn $#$#@~$# socks...
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We must have bought the same collection!!!! I have a bunch of that collection that I'm trying to sell now! My dd is 6 and she was a baby when I bought it. It just has to be the same one!!!!


I get it!



That's funny as heck that you're in Michigan too. Did you come up for cherry fest and have your DD wear the outfits?? :D


Yes, yes I did.

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LOL! You would be better off posting this at GymboFriends.com. You would get a lot of moral support there. ;) Tempted to check out the socks.


LOL...too funny!! I love buying Gymboree for my kids and I'm thankful my 8 year old still likes to wear it :)

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