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CA Fires... again

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My parents' summer home is in an area directly threatened by one of the fires in CA. The homes in the area have all been evacuated and the fire is only 2 miles away, blowing their way, and 100% uncontained. :crying:


It's much worse for those living in the area full time.


Again- we're getting hazy smoke here which makes the heat seem more intolerable, but so many have it so much worse.


:grouphug: To those suffering.

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Thanks! Thankfully my parents weren't there when the evacuations took place- but they are in close contact with their next door neighbors who live in the area and stand to lose everything. :sad:


My parents only live there part time, so it's not as bad for them as it is for many others.


Boy- do I feel for everyone directly dealing with these fires, including (especially) the firefighters. It's just been non-stop for them.

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