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Dr Hive: Weird finger injury

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Today after church we stopped at Walmart and ended up with a lot more bags than I intended. When I got out of the car, I grabbed 4 or 5 bags in my left hand and jiggled for the house keys with my right hand. One of the bags was digging into my index finger and really starting to hurt so I called to the kids to open the door because the 'bag was cutting off my circulation.' (A little melodrama never hurts!)


I went inside and deposited the bags on the counter and rubbed the offended finger. When I did, I realized it was numb. I figured it would be fine in a few minutes. But, that was 8-9 hours ago and it is still numb over my finger tip. It has gotten better in that my whole finger is no longer numb. But, the tip still has very little feeling except 'pins and needles' Has this happened to anyone else? How long did it take to resolve?


My husband say "See a doctor." Uh, no. I would feel ridiculous seeing a doctor because a grocery bag gave me a booboo. I had acute cholecystitis that eventually landed me in the hospital for a week and I didn't see the doctor until I had a 103 degree fever for 3 days. So, there is no way I could face the guy because my finger's numb.:tongue_smilie:


So, just wondering how long until this resolves. It doesn't hurt but it sure feels weird.

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