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RE: Car accident my family had -- my son vomiting

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Another vote for ER, definitely.


My adult brother mysteriously appeared at my parents' house one day. He seemed little off (although that's not unusual, LOL), but him vomiting was the warning sign that got them to call 911. It turned out he had been hit by a car while riding his bike and he had a brain bleed. He needed surgery. (He's fine now!!)



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On our way home. Doc thought he was fine. Thank you all so very much. You're like family to me.


Dawn, how scary. I know I'd be terribly concerned if every post told me to take him to the doctor. Praise God all is well and you don't need to worry any more. Poor boy.


I'm thinking your family will sleep in a bit today . . . :grouphug:

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Well, sucks that you ended up going to the ER for what seems like nothing, but better to be safe than sorry.


I'm certainly glad everything is okay though!! :hurray:


I know. And I know my dh (who had 4 hours sleep) is probably thinking, "I told you so" because he was content taking him to the doctor today. I am always the overly-cautious one.


I just never know what to do in these situations.

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Here's a link about sleeping after a concussion:




Generally, it's okay - and it's probably good for the brain to rest. Concussions can be scary, though. Glad your son is okay!


Thank you. The doctor mentioned this, saying there is nothing wrong with the sleep, it's the fact that the person cannot be monitored for neurological issues. So, yes, waking up and checking is a good idea.


The doctor said he would be more concerned if the vomiting occurred right after the accident. I just wasn't sure because his neck did hurt a little, he had two bouts of diarrhea, and then the headache and vomiting.

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