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Best independent work/learning for 5th & 2nd grade students


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I am expecting twins in September and am planning to take about 6 weeks "off" of doing very much, though my dd10 is pretty independent with her math (Teaching Textbooks) and I'll make time (or have DH help) with ds7's math. I'd like to have some good stuff they can do independently and still be learning. We'll have access to BrainPop/Jr, and I'm considering DiscEd Plus. DS7 is not the strongest reader, but making good progress. I don't know how much of our usual LA programs we'll be able to work on during this time--we use WWE and FLL, and they are rather teacher intensive.


Anyways, would really appreciate suggestions for helping this be a productive time even though I won't be able to be super involved.



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Growing with Grammar (and the other books in the series) and supposed to be pretty independent.


Explode the Code workbooks for the 2nd grader (the higher level books may be an okay fit)


Math Mammoth.

Dreambox Math.

Science Fusion.

The evan-moor Daily book series.

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Here are a few ideas:


--Language Smarts (only available for your younger child so far)--covers some grammar, phonics, spelling, etc.

--Singapore Extra Practice math workbooks (or other math workbooks (i.e. Evan Moor) to drill math facts, etc.)

--Winning With Writing (This is mostly independent for writing, though it does a little teacher time)

--Oxford Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop workbooks (I haven't used these yet, but we are using them this year and they look rather independent).

--Evan Moor Skill Sharpeners Reading (for reading comprehension)

--Evan Moor has a lot of other good workbooks.

--The Complete Book of Maps and Geography, grades 3-6 (great workbook which would be good for both of your kids).

--Spelling Power (good spelling program which only takes five minutes of your time per student once you get the routine down).

--Editor in Chief (good review book for grammar, test prep, etc.)

--Mark Kistler's online drawing lessons (on sale now at homeschool buyers co-op)

--Memoria Press copywork workbooks (manuscript or cursive for handwriting practice)

--Building Thinking Skills from Cricial Thinking Company (for logic).

--Does you library have any good online programs for foreign language (especially language as Mango Languages, Muzzy) or foreign language CD programs?

--Audio CD's for read alouds.

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I had twins last summer. They just turned one.


I will be honest and say that six weeks is not going to be enough time.


This is what we did for the first six months of my students' school year. I will throw out the disclaimer that I went to eight children when the twins arrived- so there is a lot for us just in living daily life:


All children 7 and up had independent school work that they did in order (routine) every day.


(I used Reading Eggs and Starfall for my five turning six year old).


We also use WWE and FLL (and we were using Rod and Staff). I did not pick those up again until that six month mark.



Everyone continued in a math workbook. My older kids use Saxon (like your TT) and the continued on in that.



They all had a routine checklist based on their level with appropriate workbooks and the strong independent readers were reading history, literature, science, bible to themselves every day in routine.


My oldest who was sixth grade worked through his HOD program.


5th, 3rd, and 2nd used resources such as Bob Jones English, Memoria Press Copybooks, Horizon Math workbooks, Calculadder workbooks, Explode the Code (the seven year old), Wordly Wise workbooks, and so on.


I would highly encourage audio books with reading along with the actual book if your younger one will do it.


Best wishes in your planning for this very exciting and busy time!


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I had twins last year and I did a number of things to intentionally lighten my load. We switched to teaching textbooks from Saxon. I decided to use veritas press online self paced history program instead of teaching it myself (which my son absolutely LOVED). And we also started using phonetic zoo for spelling. I would plan on getting back into the groove slowly with school even after your 6 week break. Add some of the subjects that are easier for you to oversee and not be real hands on.

I wrote a post on my blog about what we did last year curriculum wise,after the twins were born. http://intoxicatedonlife.com/2012/04/15/planning-the-school-year-choosing-curriculum-for-my-7-year-old/

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If I am wrong about the six week thing- feel free to PM me or resurrect this thread and I will eat my words!



Ha ha, Rebecca, I think you are most likely correct. I will likely be laughing at my naivete! :tongue_smilie:

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I had twins last summer. They just turned one.


I will be honest and say that six weeks is not going to be enough time.





My twins were due last September but arrived in July. I would say at least 3 months if all goes well. Congratulations and Good Luck!:001_smile:

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Khan movies for math.


Your 7 year old could do my phonics movies and your 10 year old could do the spelling movies.


You could also use the time to firm up math facts with an online program or something like the flash master or the Kumon workbooks, they can correct their own or check each other's.

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Salsa Spanish

Education Unboxed

Crewton Ramone's House of Math



Prontolessons.com Physics

Study Island

Ko's Journey


Vocabulary Doodles or something like that. Can't remember name of them.

Random workbooks below grade level




Maybe Mangahigh..Khan ...Alcumus...MathWhizz

Looking at that Plato Middle school website possibility

Invent with Python, Charlotte Mason Pet store or Real life math.

Sid the Science kid, Cyberchase, Martha Speaks, Scigirls, ?????



Keep the ideas coming....

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