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But it wasn't broken...

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My wonderful DH has "fixed" my laser printer. It had been reading "low toner" for a while now. It worked perfectly fine. I asked him if running it while it said that would hurt it and he said no. So I kept happily making my copies. Then he decided to look up the tricks to making them keep working after the printer thinks they are dead. He tried them. It no longer says "low toner". Now it will print a couple of pages and say "cartridge dead replace now". :glare: I knew I should have finished making the last copy of SOTW student pages before letting him touch it.

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After some more tweaking, which included springs and screws flying, it is working again. I am guessing he put it back together wrong the first time. Of course when I suggested that, it couldn't have possibly been the problem. Now it will stop while he is at work tomorrow.

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