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I know I'm not much help. I have purchased this for the fall and it does look quite complicated in that there is a LOT of information for teachers (in the teacher's guide) and several books for students. Cycles has the "textbook", which is more like a thick magazine, the activity book and the homework. I really like how the questions guide the student to infer and think scientifically and it is very secular.


Looking through the activity book, it seems that the activities are fairly simple and could probably be done easily or "virtually" through internet research if the materials aren't readily available. For example, there is an activity looking at reproduction in ferns that require a fern leaf. I'm not so sure where I'll get one of those, but we can probably do the activity by looking at pictures on line; not as much fun, I know, but it will get the job done.


There is also a homework book that has a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions. My feeling is this will be good prep for standardized tests.


It does seem to be engaging and very thought provoking, but I know I will be spending at least 1-2 hours a week preparing the lessons. We'll see if it gets done; if so, we're better off than we were last year!:tongue_smilie:


Good Luck!

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