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I took the plunge and sort of put a fleece before the Lord CC

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As I've said, I would like to homeschool dd this next year for 7th grade, and probably for 8th, too. We will most likely take a sabbatical when she's in 8th, and she would like to try for the page program in the VA Senate then, too, like her brother did when he was in 8th grade; homeschooling would be so much easier with those two special events.


But, I still need to work.


So, I am preliminarily asking my boss to let me work just an hour/hour and a half each day. I could earn enough to pay an outstanding bill and gas, but not be away that much.


Anyway, I asked God to let her say yes as a confirmation. I don't usually do things like that (fleece asking thingy) but here goes...:001_smile: Of course, I'll also be listening to the wise people he's put around me.

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