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Where's the List of DIVE Lab Supplies?

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I don't have time to watch the beginning of each lab video, write them out, and cross reference it with other labs!!! Is it somewhere on the CD and I'm just missing it? If not does someone have such a list for ICP already?


I'm starting to :eek: :banghead: I still need to figure out what labs we will do live and order stuff for them!!!

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Hey, if you have the CD, you should have the lab list already. Look at the lab workbook pages. The first page of every lab lists the materials. Any time it lists "datalogger" it expects you to use the data they present online, since dataloggers are so expensive. However, that presents the problem of mismatched data, since their measurements won't be exactly the same as yours. So, while it's worth doing those experiments for the practice of physically working with the materials, you won't come up with an answer that matches theirs. If that will frustrate you, you could just watch those labs and fill in the blanks with the info based on what's on the video.

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