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Teaching grammar for 3rd girl/ 4th boy

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All of my oder boys have not started Rod and Staff 3 until the 4th grade. I am planning on starting my 4th grade son with Rod and Staff 3 in the fall, but I don't know what to do with his younger sister. She is a much better reader and is probably ready to start RS 3, but I don't know if it would be frustrating to him to have his younger sister in the same grammar book. Maybe I should just wait and start her next year. Any suggestions on helping kids whose younger siblings are just better at school than them? Thanks

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I personally would not hold one child back from it if he/she were ready. I would just not make an issue of it and have both of them use it. My kids use similar texts for History and Science (bigger age difference thus the different requirements for mine) so I would think it would be fine for them. If he says anything, just tell him you waited an extra year for him so you have the 2 of them working on it at the same time.

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