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HS but getting services through the school system

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Hi, I am going to start HS my soon to be 9 year old dd this upcoming year (should be going into 4th grade) . She has been dx'ed with Aspergers for a bit now, and after putting and taking her of meds, my dh and I feel that we have to at least try this instead of medicating her just so she can get better grades.


We live in Florida, and from what I have read, she can still get services through the school system. Does anyone do this? Can you tell me how it works for you?


She was in a Magnet school, but at our homeschool, they just announced there will be an ASD team to help the kids on the spectrum with writing skills. If I could get her the additional help AND social skills group in the school, I would be ecstatic! It would also help in case we need to put her back in school since she would be required to go to this school once we pull her out of the magnet school.



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My state also allows special education services regardless of enrollment status (in public school, homeschooled, or dual enrollment). Here if you are not dual enrolled with a specific school, you would just contact the district to get started. I do know that when my son went from full time enrollment to homeschool with dual enrollment, I had to get special permission to homeschool him because he had/has an IEP. It wasn't a problem for me, but I'm sure that could depend on the district. I would try to read through the district homeschool handbook if you can, paying special attention to the amount of control they can exert if you accept their services. Also one other thing to consider - my district doesn't do any kind of diagnostics. They gather data over a period of time to determine if a child is discrepant from his/her peers in specific areas. If they are, they are entitled to services. But that is all done without diagnostic labels. I'm not sure if this was what you were looking for, but hope it helps.

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