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What 12" x 18" white paper, and oil crayons for Atelier Art, Level 1?


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I can't seem to find 12" x 18" white paper. I ended up with 18" x 24" mixed media paper that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I'd prefer something I don't have to cut down, though. Does Michael's have anything better? Those are the only two craft/hobby stores around here.


Also, just wondering what brand of oil crayons/pastels everyone is buying? What size too?


How about paint brushes?



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Last year I couldn't find it at Michaels and ended up buying it on Dick Blick too. This year...I found fairly decent 12 X 18 at Walmart in the office department. Since then, I also found it at Hobby Lobby...not sure if they are stocked differently or if yours was just out.

As far as oil pastels go, it really does not matter the brand. Both Michaels and Hobby Lobby carry them and they really are not used that much in level 1--maybe 3 times? As far as how many? Again, totally your call. The kids color with them as an alternate to crayons a few times. Some variety is nice but you don't need tons.

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