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Does anyone know of a solid state history series for logic / rhetoric stages?

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Substantial state history used to be taught back in my day, but it's hard for me to find solid state history. And most of what I do find is for grammar stage.


I've got my old fourth grade history book which is a good 2" thick. Today's stuff seems to have been reduced to 48 pages. I guess that's why students today don't have a good grasp on state history. :(


Please post any resource you find. I'm looking particularly for Virginia state history.



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I think this really is going to depend on what state you are in.


Here's what I suggest: find old texts that were used in schools back in the 60s. Find out what text your state colleges use, sometimes the author of such texts have non-college adult texts or high school texts.


Look in your local bookstore if they have a special section of local books and history.


Call the state history museum and talk to staff.

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