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I'm worried and scared for my little girl

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Her depression and anxiety are getting worse and worse. We have an appointment for the psychaitrist Monday morning, and it feels like it's so far away. I called the clinic and talked to a counselor on Friday, and she said as long as she's physically safe, it would keep until Monday.


It just hurts my heart to see my little girl in so much pain. She couldn't go out to play with friends today, she kept having to come tell me her bad thoughts before getting much past our driveway. We were more able to distract her from it today than yesterday, but it's taking a toll on us, too.

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My youngest son suffers from anxiety, and at times it can be so painful to see him struggling. I hope your daughter gets the help she needs soon, and that your mommy heart starts to feel a little better.

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And now I feel like an idiot. We'd been giving her melatonin at bedtime, which was helping regulate her sleep (she was having issues with insomnia), but I reviewed the side effects and it can make depression worse!


She's sleeping better, wakes rested and throws fewer tantrums, but she's also been overall more miserable.


I hate this.

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