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HP or Brother Laser Jet?

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How often do you have to replace the print drum in a Brother laser printer?


The HP guy at Best Buy told me every two cartridges. :glare: I'm pretty sure he wanted me to buy an HP. ;) He said HPs get a new drum with the new cartridge. The price of the HP on Amazon isn't too bad right now but I was set on the Brother until this conversation.


Opinions either way on either one? Has this drum replacement been an issue?

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Just my experience, but we're on our fifth cartridge in our Brother laser and haven't replaced the drum. I don't even really know what that is. :confused:


We are, however on our second Brother laser printer. We "killed" the first one... it lasted us close to eight years and finally little pieces started breaking off until we had to stand there and 'help deliver' the printed paper out. :lol: Not a bad lifespan for a less -than-$200 printer! It was beyond annoying, so we broke down and got the new one which is now two or three years old.


We won't by an HP printer (at all) because of the issues I've heard about the color ones not working when one ink needs to be refilled, etc. I had a friend with one of the all-in-one inkjets and when her blue or yellow ink (I can't remember which) needed to be refilled her HP wouldn't even let her send a FAX! Because we consider that outright greed, we won't touch an HP printer, be it an inkjet or laser.

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