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Could DD6 have mono?

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After dinner she started getting a little tired and I thought she felt a little warm. She put herself to bed (remember she's 6) while I was finishing up dinner clean-up, about 2.5hrs before bedtime. She woke up this morning @ 7 and crawled into bed with DH, falling right back asleep. I would say over the course of the day she has been awake a total of one hour. She has come out of her room several times only to run right back to bed after I get some juice in her. She's had a fever, only about 101, on and off all day. She hasn't been complaining about her stomach or anything else. I ususally wait and see with things like this, as it's normally a virus, but she's sleeping WAY more than she normally does when sick.

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It is WAY too early to consider mono. Mono is long lasting. There isn't any treatment for it anyway! She would also have a sore neck due to swollen ymph glands, also a sore throat. You get tbose woth colds and viruses, too.


I have had kids of all ages sleep pretty much all day when sick. I wouldn't worry at this point..... Sounds pretty normal for a virus. Poor baby!

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