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Bother, bother, bother, bother!

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I am about ready to tear what little hair I have out! I had about 15 to 20 Bible songs on my computer and my IPod. 5 of them were sung and mixed by a friend and I hope that I have the original CD around here somewhere. The rest of them were sung by me with musical accompaniment by friends and family and mixed by my son. My IPod is dead. I can't even get it to turn on so I can't get anything off of it. I cannot find the songs on my computer ANYWHERE. I did have a computer crash awhile ago and I think they were a casualty. My ds who is our computer guru is away at summer Bible camp until Monday. This is really really big deal to me. Bother! I have the musical notation so I can sing them again but this represents hours of work - 20 hours at least. It would be very time consuming to try and duplicate.

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My IPod is dead. I can't even get it to turn on so I can't get anything off of it.
Mine has done that twice. I don't know what DH did, but he was able to 'reboot' it or something. He's not home to ask, but he did google how to.

Otherwise, take it to an apple store and they can prob help.



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Whew! I found a CD with 15 of the songs on it. It isn't the best recording but I should be able to download it to the computer and clean it up. I'm still missing a couple of songs but redoing a couple of songs is a huge difference from redoing all of them.


Thank you for the IPod advice. I'll try that too because it might have the missing songs. Plus there are other things on my IPod that I would like to have.


PS. - I found the kitchen shears that have been missing for 3 weeks.

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