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DIY laundry soap question - (? for people who are good 'kitchen chemist')

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The laundry soap I like is in this thread.




I use coconut oil instead of lard, I stir it for 2 weeks to make sure it is completely ready.


It cleans very well. I only use 1 tbs per load, and I know exactly what is in it.


I forgot my warning to run every soap recipe through a soap calculator.

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I have, although then I found that everyone except me was using way too much soap and it wasn't getting rinsed out, so now I have one bottle of concentrate and one old detergent bottle that I use. I figured out how to dilute the concentrate so that one cap full of the old bottle is a full load. That way no one has to think about it except me. I did the diluting math once and wrote it with a permanent marker on the side of the concentrated bottle (an old gallon vinegar jug).

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Yes, you can. However, what I have done is to mix it double strength in a 5 gallon bucket and then take it out 1/2 gallon at a time and put it in a 1 gallon wide mouth jug. I then mix 1/2 gallon of hot water in with it and shake it and use that until gone and then refill.


I haven't used home-made laundry soap for about 6 months. We decided that was one thing to add back into the budget! :D We buy the Kirkland brand Tide alternative (1/2 price of Tide but works just as well IMO) and use less than is called for. I think our $10 on sale bucket of Kirkland lasted 3 full months.



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