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Hilarious critical/negative review of Fifty Shades of Grey

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I overheard a conversation between 2 stylists at a salon this week:


Stylist 1: "You haven't read it? I can't believe you haven't read it!"

(I IMMEDIATELY knew what she was talking about)

Stylist 2: (speaks too softly for me to hear)

Stylist 1: "Well, all of your clients have read it!"

Stylist 2: (again, mumbles...I really wish I could have heard her side of it)

Stylist 1: "You owe it to yourself to read it!"

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Thanks for posting this. I haven't read it [and aren't there sequels?]. But I was surprised and a bit disappointed to see that my sister gave it 5 stars on GoodReads, but only gave "Code Name Verity" 4. O.o *sigh* She really is quite an intelligent person. I dunno.

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I have not and will not read these books, and this review just confirms my prejudgement. I don't need to read a more explicit version of the wildly unhealthy/abusive relationship between Bella and Edward. The misogyny of the Twilight series that was the direct template for these books was enough for me. Reading novels that started out as erotic fanfiction for a series about how to love an emotionally abusive relationship is not really my cup of tea. I will save this link and send it to everyone who recommends the series to me.

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Couldn't read it. All the jumpy images were giving me a headache.




There's a tampon scene?



:iagree: I tried to read the review because I'd heard so many negative things about this book.


I don't plan to read "50 Shades..." it's not my kind of book even if it were well written.

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Even though it's not my style of book, I downloaded the sample to see what all the fuss is about. The writing is so incredibly bad I couldn't even finish the sample. I have to keep my mouth shut because I have several IRL friends who love it, have read the whole series, and would be insulted if I said what I really think.


That said, I did sign a petition at my local library to have it put back on the shelves. They bought the books, then pulled them. If they chose not to buy them that's one thing, but to buy them and pull them was wrong IMO. Yes, my county is the one that made international news over this.

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