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Need Netflix instant streaming chick flicks ideas!

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If you want to make a maraton of it then Autumn in my Heart is excellent. It is 16 hours though, ALOT of crying (at least for all of us) and it has subtitles. I do not like subtitles but this one is so good you won't even notice, even my dds enjoyed this. Winter Sonata was just as good once you get into a bit but it is 20 episodes. I am debating if I want to tackle another one of the Korean dramas in the series (Spring Waltz and Summer Scent I think are the titles). These are so good you won't be able to stop watching!

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Another vote for Downtown Abbey.


And here's an off-beat rec: DRIVE, starring Ryan Gosling, is in many ways the opposite of a chick flick (parts are incredibly violent) but it's also deeply romantic, in its own way, and I loved it.

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Having just come through a Monk obsession (all 120+ episodes in about 2-3 weeks), I highly recommend watching a few episodes, if you like murder mystery, although you might get addicted like me. In that case, just do the first 2.25 seasons when Sharona is Monk's assistant ~ I liked her better than his later assistant for the last 5.75 seasons. :001_smile:

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