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11 yo tom-boy DD looking for pen-pal

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DD is looking to correspond by email with...well, just about anyone (kid).


She loves her dogs, 1 cat, goats, chickens, ducks, and recently lost her horse. She likes to read (a lot), swim, ride mountain bikes, skateboard, hike, and is an avid outdoors person. Her favorite subject is Science.


We live on a homestead in Eastern Washington State, but we used to live near Seattle. We've classically homeschooled her whole life. We are secular, but she is very polite and respectful of difference.


Please let me know if your child might be interested in a new E-pen-pal.

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Hello from Colombia, South America. My DD, 11, is interested. I do not want to post my email address or that of my DD here. I will try to send you a PM, with my email address. DD just left a Brick & Mortar school (Spanish language) and will hopefully begin Distance Learning (in English), in the Middle School of Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD) 6th grade, in August or September. My wife will HS her in Colombian History, Spanish, Colombian Government, etc. We have 9 (?) dogs, 1 cat and a 47 year old Parrot. DD likes most of the things your DD likes and also Cheerleading. Secular here too.....

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