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Anyone dealt with reflux in an older kid?

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My 7 yo has been complaining of stomach aches off and on for days. We struggle with getting fruits and veggies into her, so we thought it might have been constipation, but that seems to have resolved itself and the problem persists. Tonight she explained that it felt like the pain was going into her throat and making her throat hurt, and that it was kind of between her stomach and her throat and I sort of had an 'aha' moment.


If it is reflux, could it be related to food allergies/intolerances? We've been having major tantrum issues with her this summer. I actually took her to an allergist earlier this week to rule out some things. She was completely uncooperative, so a scratch test was out and the doc is sending her for bloodwork (which is going to be about as much fun as trying to draw blood from a rabid feral cat). If it's dairy or wheat, I'm going to cry because I literally don't know what we'll feed her if we have to stop those.

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I would take her to your regular doctor and have her checked. If she is having reflux on a regular basis, they may be able to see it - maybe - and they could offer some over the counter remedies to get her some relief. Whether it is allergies or not, I can't say. Allergies can present themselves in many different ways.


I get the rabid feral cat thing :glare: - my ears rang for a few days after my dd at 4 got some blood work done.

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My dd developed reflux at 7. I was surprised because she was my only baby who didn't have it. She complained of burning pain in her stomach,upper chest area in the morning and at night. It was worse when lying down or with an empty/very full stomach. Small frequent meals really helped. They first tried Zantac which did nothing. Then Prilosec, that helped for a few months then symptoms returned. They finally gave her Prevacid which she is still on. She also takes Bentyl for the occasional flare up. They finally did an upper GI to diagnose her. She started losing weight because she was scared eating would cause pain:crying: she was already skinny being in the 75 percentile for height but only the 20th for weight which was her normal, but didn't leave much to lose. Thankfully once they got her on the right treatment she gained 3lbs in 6weeks! I hope they figure out what's wrong with your dd. I know how miserable it can be poor baby!


ETA: They also tested my dd for celiac disease. I was so scared she would have it because both dh and I have auto immune diseases. Thank God that was negative. Saying prayers your dd's is too!

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Get her some natural digestive enzymes and put her on a GERD dier while you are waiting.


I cured. Dd of GERD. Her meds weren't helping despite several increases. I put her on the GERD diet, the enzymes, and 1 tsp organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 3x daily. It cured her. Not everyone can tolerate ACV, thankfully my dd was fine with it.

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