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Calling Pet Owners/Vet people...Comfortis?

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Anyone use this? Anything I should be aware of?


We are always battling fleas here. It's atrocious this year (we had maybe a good week of jacket weather this winter-otherwise it was very mild).


Frontline Plus is not working. We are bathing them every two weeks plus using the topical each month.


I have two GSD's, a Great Dane, a Beagle, a Fiest (terrier type dog) and a Pitt mix.

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If you bathe them that often the comfortis will work much better. Bathing them removes the Frontline on the skin..it wicks back out from the hair follicle onto the skin, so they say it is waterproof. But that takes a day or so, so you have a break in protection.


I have found comfortis works really well here in florida. Also, you need to realize that whatever you use, even if it works 100 percent, you will still have fleas for a month or so. The eggs that were layed will still be hatching out. I love Flea Buster's powder for inside the house. brush it into the grout of tile/along baseboards/into carpet/on furniture/etc. It lasts for a year, and is as close to non toxic as you can get. It will kill the newly hatching fleas, and the larvae. Nothing though can kill the pupae...so again..you still have to wait for those to hatch out and die off.

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Comfortis is the best thing ever against fleas.


If your area has heartworm, you should go with Trifexis which is only a bit more expensive and also does heartworms and intestinal parasites. Just for the intestinal parasite protection, I'd go with Trifexis even if you don't have HW.


Give either with a meal for best absorbtion/effectiveness and also to avoid vomiting. If the dog does vomit within a couple hours of taking the pill, call the vet and they will replace the dose free. (Replacement doses are provided free by the manufacturer.) I'd say maybe 1 in 100 dogs might vomit a pill. (We dispense thousands of doses at our vet hospital, as it is the vet's far and away favorite flea/HW/parasite med.)

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the only reason we were washing them is because after a couple of weks of frontline they still seemed to be really bothered and itchy. I found that the beagle had scratched her little neck raw last month. She is the one that likes the pool the most too. It's so hot here that we have a kiddie pool for them and a big fan under the carport. Unfortunately I'm sure the water is causing it to wash away...that stinks too because the pool is a comfort to them.


I think I'm going to try it. Can't be any more expensive than what we are using now.

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