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Why oh Why did I not put together a skunk kit.

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I thought about it. Really. I did. But I never put it into action. Sure enough, tonight when I have a bum leg and knee, the dog got skunked. We have put the paltry amount of h2o2 on him with the dishsoap and baking soda and have sent one of the boys to buy more.


So, what do we do with him tonight? Does he sleep in the garage? The dog who has been whining in his crate to go potty, to get a drink of water, that he isn't sleepy, like any good preschooler would. He'll wake the entire neighborhood.


So, other than the h2o2, dish soap and baking soda, what can we do?

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Most of the dog forums said to make a concoction of a pint of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and baking soda. The dish soap is to dissolve the oils in the spray and the h2o2 and baking soda is to make an oxygen machine to help deodorize him. We did several treatments of this (because ds kept spilling the mixture on the patio, not the dog.) He smells better, but I have to deodorize dh's and ds' clothes. I hope that dh can get it off of him or it will not be a pleasant sleep tonight. I bought out the rest of Walgreen's supply of h2o2 to have on hand.

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Tomato does not work. Don't even bother. The soap/ peroxide/ baking soda helps, but depending on how badly the poor dog was skunked, it might take a few tries over the next couple of days. Maybe a local grooming salon might have something that could work. I find the best thing for getting rid of the smell is to wash the dog immediately.


I've taken to keeping extra peroxide and baking soda in the house now. :tongue_smilie:

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