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Ok swim moms, I'm freaking out!

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Next week is our state swim meet. Psych sheets just came out. Dd #1 is swimming the 100 free, 100 IM, and the 200 free. 1st 3 go to nationals next summer.

She is listed as 4th in the 100, 9th in the IM, and 2nd in the 200. She has a good shot at medaling in the 100 and 200!


The freaking out part.... The IM is right before the 200, as in back to back! Events 14 and 15! ARGH! And then she has a relay right after that (which I'm not concerned with at this point.)


Trying to decide if we should tell her to just swim a slow freestyle and dq herself in the IM, or let her go for it and possibly not have the stamina to go all out for the 200. She did swim the last 2 50's of her mile swim this morning in under 35, so it may not affect her. OY!


She has her heart set on nationals. I hate this. 5 years ago she swam all 3 of her events back to back, literally getting out of the water, walking around the pool, and back on to the block. She had nothing left for her last race then, and her best shot is her last race this time. ugh, ugh, ugh!

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Yeah, I know. One of her coaches missed the last Olympic team by 18/100 of a second, so we will be talking to him in about 30 minutes. She's at practice now, and has no idea! She can't scratch though, but she can just swim slow or breast stroke it and dq herself. She's qualified for state every year, but this is the first time she has a real shot at nationals.

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