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Major Mayhem

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My husband got my son this outfit from clothing sales for his 10th birthday. He even got him rank and name tapes sewn on. He is officially Major Mayhem! The 'major' part works both ways. He is majorly a source of mayhem, and plus if he is only a Major, Daddy still out ranks him! LOL!


I am going to be so sad when the days of dress up and pretend are over and gone.

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So cute! My Ds who just turned 13 today still dresses up from time to time and told me to say that "his gift is cool, not cute!" :D


:lol: He's right.

I did say it was cute and cool, but I thought the same thing--this kid isn't going to appreciate that I think it's cute! But it really is. And cool, very very cool.


Happy Birthday to your new teenager!

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It really is funny. Things seem to be changing fast around here, but at the same time things are staying the same.


Yes he knows I think it is 'cute'. And while 'cute' is fine in our own home, it seems to be less fine out in the world! LOL! And I keep getting told "Well Mom, I'm ten now." Right, you may be ten, but you still can't go over a block away to go play with a whole bunch of kids we just met one night ago without me. Nice try.


Tomorrow his room is being painted. A promise of 'eventually' that has been used on the last two duty stations. He got to pick out paint. He got to pick out a new, big kid bedroom set. He's met kids and making friends. With all that, he was too excited that he just could not sleep.


So Mr. Big, Mr. Ten, Mr. "Mom, I'm not a little kid anymore", crawled into my bed at 11:45 last night clutching piglet. He's still there. I woke up 14 times and slept on the edge of the bed like I was about to fall off, but I know we are coming close to the end of that as well. Today I'll be tired. I'll need coffee. But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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