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AAS Pet peeve


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We are using our third year of AAS and I sit down today to organize our index card box and realize they no longer include the divider cards. We use a seperate box for each level, so I liked getting a set of dividers with each level. I'm disappointed. It's ridiculously high shipping, so I'll just make my own dividers...but still...for what I pay for each level, one would like to have all the elements. :glare:


End rant.

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I wrote her an email explaining why I wa upset and she sent me th cards. They aren't laminated like what is sold but she sent them to me for free. I even bought at Rainbow Resource and she still sent them.


That's awesome! I've had good experiences with their customer service as well! (In fact, I've never had bad service with them) Maybe she'll reconsider adding them in each level. That would be nice! :001_smile:

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