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We've used the Spelling Connections lists for grades 2, 3, and half of 4 at this point. DS did grade 2 with the free worksheets and such, and has been progressing through lists 3 & 4 mostly orally, only studying those words he can't already spell naturally.


I really like doing ZB combined with the free Spelling City site, and once DS hits a point where the lists become work again, I'll probably have him do more games and practice there. It's been a great combo so far, though I'm not sure how it'd work for a kid who's not a fairly natural speller.

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My dd is a natural speller and we recently went over the 4th / 5th grade list on SC and she knew most of the words. I do however like how the pages are set up and we printed them out to use for handwriting practice. She did cursive in public last quarter so it will be good practice for her and give her something to do if I'm helping her brother or something. I actually am having ds use the 1st/2nd grade ones for handwriting too. I'm using Spelling Wisdom for her for spelling and ds will be using Barton for his dyslexia.

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