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I'm interested in painting my kitchen with a color wash. My question is

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What paint finish do I use? Most of the information on color washing I've read suggest using eggshell, but for just regular painting in the kitchen it's suggested to use satin or semi gloss for easier cleaning.


Will the higher gloss ruin the soft effect of the color wash? I've practiced with some sample paints that come in eggshell finish. It looks very nice that way, but I've noticed it can be easily wiped off with a Magic eraser sponge. I'm reluctant to go ahead and buy paint. (I'm good at procrastinating that way:glare:)

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I did decorative painting ages and ages ago, using all oil based paints, so I can;t give you specific product info. But I remember using a Pratt & Lambert product that was especially made as a finish coat for decorative painting. It cam in matte & semi-gloss, and you could mix the two to get the effect that you want. A color wash sounds as though it would be best with a matte varnish/coating.


My suggestion would be to go to a really good speciality paint store and get the products there.

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I have always used eggshell for colorwashing, but I do not see why the other finishes wouldn't work. In a kitchen, you will probably want to do the walls twice, one day or more apart. This will allow some wiping later on without worry.


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