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trying to figure out cc options for spring semester

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My 16yo has several possible fields in mind for herself: neuroscience, psychology research (NOT counseling), occupational therapy, pharmacology.


She's been most interested in neuroscience, but apparently that field has far too many people for the possible job openings.


She's planning to get a BS in neuroscience, but then switch to occupational therapy or pharmacology for MS or PhD. Neither of these fields really has a BS and neuroscience is a good start for either one.


So far she has done Biology, Physics (and the AP Physics B test, but she only got a 3), and Chemistry at home. She is taking Chemistry I for science majors at the cc this summer and will take Chemistry II for science majors in the fall. She is going to take Biology I for science majors in the fall as well.


We had planned for her to take Biology II for science majors in the spring, but apparently there isn't much demand for that course, so there is only one class section taught outside of the downtown campuses (which we can't manage) and the teacher has horrible reviews on ratemyprofessors.


Now we're trying to figure out what else she should take for spring instead. Should she take a medical terminology class or an introduction to anatomy and physiology class or just do another core curriculum class (she thought logic looked interesting)?


If she does end up majoring in neuroscience as she plans right now, she will do it as a pre-health student. The school she is planning to go to will take all her credits from the cc.


In the fall she will take Chemistry II, Biology I, and Government I at the cc and do Fantasy/SciFi Literature and Calculus at home. In the spring she will take Government II and Programming Fundamentals at the cc and continue with her at-home courses and take the AP Calculus AB test. We just need to figure out her 3rd course to take at the cc for spring semester.

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