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Memory work for your K/1st grader?


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My dd6 will continue memorizing calendar elements (days of the week, months, seasons), basic personal information (full name, birthday, address, phone number), some patriotic songs (one a month including the states song and maybe the presidents), some science facts (things like the names of the planets, colors of the rainbow, names of continents and oceans), and I am trying to figure out some history facts to memorize but as of yet I don't have that narrowed down.

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In addition to Bible verses, catechism, and poetry, DS is memorizing:


- Grammar definitions and rules

- Spelling rules

- Latin vocab, conjugations, and declensions

- Math facts

- Science facts

- History facts

- Geography facts (states, capitals, countries, land forms, bodies of water, etc. - we use Sheppard software for geography)

- Art terms and appreciation (facts about art periods and artists, as well as ability to recognize 4-6 works of art by that artist)

- Music terms (music theory) and appreciation (facts about composers as well as ability to recognize main themes of their most famous works)


Basically I convert virtually everything we cover in our curriculum into facts, which I then enter into Anki spaced repetition software. We have "card decks" in Anki for each subject, and we review them all often (ideally daily, but if we do it 3-4/wk I'm happy - less than that is NOT good for us!). The way Anki works is that if we know the material each time the card comes up, it spaces out the reviews more and more so that we are not constantly reviewing things we already know well. I'm still figuring out the ins and outs of it, but so far it seems like an efficient way for us to manage lots of memory work. I'm still in the process of catching up my Anki decks to where we actually are in some of our curricula (I'm a few chaps behind in Science, and VERY behind in History).


I used to use the Simply Charlotte Mason method with index cards, which I loved, but which became unwieldy for us as we got more and more cards. Our memory work is easier for me to manage in Anki, now that I am getting the hang of how Anki works (which took a while, as it has a steep learning curve).

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