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any spider know-it-alls here?

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We found what looked like a black widow in an old helmet in the back yard. I grew up where widows were pretty common, an this one looked a little different than the typical southern black widow. Now, I'm wondering what type it really is...


And, I'll place pictures here in links for the squeamish: underbelly, view of the top/back, view of the top/front.

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Well, I guess the reason it looked different was because I grew up in a different area of the country (SoCal) with a different type of black widow.


Now it's definitely a good thing we killed it and chucked the bike helmet (that had an egg sack!). :eek:

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You might dissolve some borax in water, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it around wherever you found it. It's a nontoxic way to kill creepy crawlies. I also put some lavender essential oil in it to calm me down when I'm having the oh-crap-I'm-calling-an-exterminator freak out. We break it out every time we have an infestation of brown recluses (basement stairwell doorway every 4-5 years). It always works.

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