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potty training question

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My 2 year old (29 months) seems to have decided she doesn't want to wear diapers. I can tell cause she keeps pulling them off, lol. Even the snap cloth diapers get wiggled out of. So..I guess it is potty training time. (my son trained much earlier, but was more coodinated and had sensory issues so hated being wet). Today she has peed on the floor 3 times in a row (she thought the first two were funny...I had to explain that pee on the floor was an "oh no!" not something silly.) Then she kind of squatted with her feet ON the little potty, so half went in and half went out, but I counted that and praised and gave a sitcker. Then I put her ON the potty and she peed a minute later. I sang "Molly went pee pee on the potty!" over and over, danced, did high fives, and gave her a sticker.


Am I doing this right? My son is 13, so it has been a LONG time since I did this, lol. I have this memory of him peeing on the floor once and then never again...but maybe I'm idealizing it, lol.


Oh, and do I have to commit and do this all day, or can we go back to diapers this afternoon (If I can keep them on her) and try again tomorrow? I really need to do laundry and dishes, lol.

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we are in the process with my 22 month old girl. i never DREAMED of having a child wanting to potty this early...her brothers were "child-led" potty-ers (is that a word??!) and weren't really interested until closer to three. i'm thrilled though! so she's naked now and as long as we're home, that's the way she stays. she's consistently gone to the potty all morning. day before yesterday she made it all but one time. yesterday, i worked and i know dh kept her in diapers all day :glare:. she didn't seem to forget anything b/c she's doing fine today. so i think if you diaper so you can do chores, it probably won't undo any progress that's been made. we're grocery shopping this afternoon, and mine will be diapered for that!


i don't mind wiping up accidents of any kind so we're going with bare bottom learning. we'll see how this goes! i think that offering whatever type of "praise" you want is fine and i know i did it even when she peed on top of the potty instead of in it because i think she was trying! i just said, "but you need to pee IN the potty next time"!

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When DD was doing the naked thing I put her in the play pen while I was mopping up the mess. That really cut down on the accidents. It really wasn't a punishment but a natural consequence. I couldn't have her in the way while cleaning it up. After I did it a couple of times out of need I figured out that it was helping to train her as well.

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