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BYU Independent Study offers online HS Programs

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I just discovered this, and thought it would be useful to someone. BYU Independent Study offers fully accredited online High School programs. They have Standard, Advanced, and Adult Diploma programs. They even include tutor contact information. I clicked through random courses and discovered that they are not free. But at the end you get a diploma and high school transcripts.


This is just an FYI post. Even thought this is not WTM related, I thought someone might benefit from having this information. :001_smile: AND it might be possible that a university near you might have similar programs available.

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My son is using this program. If you have any questions.




:bigear:How are the rigors of the course work? I have a 10 Y/O that is in Pre-Algebra (almost complete) and will be moving towards Algebra this spring. Have you tried all formats?


Teacher Led




Which courses did you/your student prefer?


How are the math topics presented? She has been using a combination of Alexs, Minute Math (Mental), Ko's Journey (Story-Based), and Word Problems (Written).


Her Schedule looks something like this:

M - Alex 45 minutes, Minute Math 5 minutes

T- Ko's Journey 45 - 60 minutes, Minute Math 5 Minutes

W - Word Problems 60 minutes (or more), Minute Math 5 minutes

and then repeats...


I would like a course that will demand more written work of her ...

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