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8th grade plan help?

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Helping a friend but together a plan for her eighth grade son.


Little background that I will delete later so please don't quote.


Now they are moving across the country and starting their homeschool journey with a RV trip across the USA (I'm so excited for them!). They've decided to play it by ear and spend as long as they want doing this.


After they settle in, their goal is to help build up their ds's confidence and motivation while at the same time getting him ready for high school next year. They plan to homeschool through high school.


What curriculum would you suggest for newbie homeschoolers in this situation? They are looking for just the basics---Math, LA, ect as they will be working on history and science together as a family with all of their children.


Wanted to clarify: They will not be homeschooling while traveling. They will spend the time traveling focusing on their family.

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After a traumatic year like that I think I would pick something that is fun and educational. Maybe something like Literary Lessons from The Lord of the Rings. It would probably engage him and also prepare him for high school.


I would also do Life of Fred for math and then study a history period that he is interested in. Anything that would seem fun to him would be key for me.

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