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How do I approach this with my LL?

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My personal rent payment has gone up (from $0 to $271) since the housing lease and assistance were done. This is why I care about what's below.


On the lease (LL signed), and all prior paperwork (LL read), the LL has to pay sewer and water. I have been paying water since we moved here, but it has to go back in her name, and she can't ask for that amount on top of rent.


1) Do I call her and hope for the best?


2) Have my father call her?


3) Ask housing to call so it comes from them and not me at all?


What say the hive?

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I think in these situations it helps if the person from the Housing office contacts the landlord. That way, the housing folks have a record that it was done.


If the housing folks won't make the call (for whatever reason), then whomever is the account holder on the water bill (you or your father) will need to make the call to the water company to get it shifted to the landlord's name. If the water bill is already in the landlord's name (and you've just been paying it), I would just let the landlord know that you won't be paying it going forward.

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