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Do I Need Both Bluedorn Greek Books?

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Or can I get by with the copybook if I already know the pronunciation myself and have Mounce's materials for reference? My son wants to write and read Greek letters. The reading I can teach, but I don't think my Greek letter formation is very good. If I can save $30, I'd like to do it!

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Normally I'd get the main book over the copybook - the copybook is very simple and deals a lot with "circle the words that have the same sound as alpha", than writing. The instructions for letter writing are in the main book, and the CD was helpful for me, even though you probably won't need it.


This chart might be more helpful. Here's a simple image I found long ago as well, but I like the chart above better.


Anyway, I have both books on my shelf, if you have any specific questions.


I assume this is your 5 yo? The author himself recommends young children use just the copybook first, then go through the Alphabetarian. You might also look at the first Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek book - it's all about the alphabet, and I think would be less overwhelming to a young child.


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