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Does anybody have some pent up frustration...

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That they'd like to get out?


Here is your chance. I'm giving you all the opportunity to give me a virtual Kick. In. The...Behind. to get off the computer and get cleaning my house! Company is coming this weekend!!


Virtual butt kicks work best if you close your eyes, concentrate hard and visualize it!


So go ahead....make your day. :D If you could, I'd appreciate if you aim for the right cheek. The left one is already tender from an ongoing hip issue. Thanks.


And let me know if you feel better when you're done.

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Well, I'd like to, but I don't know if you could handle that many kicks, even if they are virtual. I am super frustrated with our schedule and all I have to do, the people who get in the way of me getting it done and the fact that those i am doing it for want to complain that they have to come along for the ride. Can you tell it's county fair time? :glare: Oh and I'll be ready to give another kick when Dh arrives home and starts hinting that taking the Dc to one class tonight is just too much for him.


So far today I have...


groomed one dog

taken dogs to drop off at a friends house while we ....

dropped off a pie & thank you note to one of our dog's breeders

dropped off 4H project books at leader's house

picked up kids and dogs and taken them to the agility field to practice for the show tomorrow

brought my friend back home after he watched the agility practice (completely different direction from my home)

stopped at pet store for some grooming supplies

taken Ds to have his hair cut

am now getting ready for some touch up grooming and packing for the show tomorrow....


I do not want to hear another person around here even hint about thinking about complaining about anything he or she has to do!:glare:


There, end of kicks in the butt!!!---until later


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No more kicks...Dh came home and got the kids to class without one single complaint and would not take me up on my offer to go instead. :hurray: (If I don't go I wonder what is happening with the dogs and miss seeing how they are doing.)

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Darling knew last night "something was up" last night when I went to bed before six p.m. - just got thrown off with sleep.


Got up today after a decent rest (finally) - and the house looks like a frat party just after the last guest left. I'm perfectly content with being the only one that cleans, cooks, etc., in the house, honest...but...


It has not been a pleasant day in one mom land.


Now, at 3 in the afternoon, I don't need a kick in the butt, I need Valium..or aspirin.


If I had company coming for the weekend - forget it, I'd be headed to the ER..lol. Having company over is stressful. Good luck with that.

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It's my Bro, SIL, niece and nephew. I'm super excited for them to visit!! They won't judge me if my house isn't perfect...but, they also won't be able to sit down if I don't get the piles of clean laundry off the living room furniture, either. :D


I did get some reorganizing done in the kitchen cabinets so I could get the rest of the dry goods put away off the kitchen counter that have been sitting there since grocery shopping last weekend. Then I cleared off the counter in the laundry room and got a couple boxes put out in to the garage. DS was amazed at how big the laundry room seemed when we walked in from the garage this evening.

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