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MOTL (Math On The Level)

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I would consider it teacher intensive. Which mean that if your child needs spiral--you make it that way. If they need mastery, you make it that way. It requires some out of the box thinking about math learning and a mom who wants to fully tackle math, completely. It's a neat program, but I just don't have that kind of time on my hands (or don't want to use the time I have in that way). I finally decided that my math program wasn't broken enough for me to use MOTL.

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MOTL is a book that will teach yoyu different ways to teach your child all the math they will need until they reach algebra. YOU decide what concepts, what order, etc.

Then AFTER you have taught your child say, multiple division, borrowing in subrtaction, and addimng fractions (these are just random concepts), you make a worksheet with one problem from each of the concepts the child already KNOWS how to do without any extra teaching from you. Only 5 of them a day. Just 5.

This can be done, if you enjoy teaching math and are willing to put forth the effort needed to teach this way. I would rather drink gasoline than teach math although I did try this, at least 3 times in the past few years.

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Correction: It's a set of 5 books. You can buy just the ones you need but I bought the set.
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