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Would you use this charger? (DSi) - poll


  1. 1. WWYD?

    • Use it - the chargers are interchangeable and the misspelling is meaningless
    • Return it - I don't trust a company that can't spell the name of their own product
    • Other - please explain

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Because we are moving overseas, I ordered a charger off eBay for DD's DSi that will take 100-240v input (the standard Nintendo charger is just 110). The auction said it is a DSi/3DS charger, not compatible with DS Lite or original DS. When it arrived, I saw that the box says "FOR USE WITH NITEND 3DS ONLY."


With the misspelling of Nintendo and the fact that it says for 3ds only, I am a little nervous about using it. But...it is the right shape, and the input/output are correct.


Would you use it or return it?

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Update: I contacted the seller, who responded that although the box says 3DS only, the connector and the input/output are the same and they have tested it extensively with the DSi. They have also sold hundreds of these chargers to people who use them with a DSi and have had no reports of them not working.

They asked if I would be willing to try it out and if it doesn't work they will refund.


I am probably 80% sure it would all be fine, and this company has 100% positive feedback, but the DS is brand new and what if it doesn't just not work but it messes the DS up somehow? Is that plausible?

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