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How to get something recalled

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If you bought something that you think is beyond defective and needs to be recalled, who would you file a claim with? CPSC? I was on my DDs' bunk bed putting a book holder up and noticed the bed felt like it was sailing on the high seas. I started investigating the bolts and realized that the nuts were completely broken and useless, meaning the bolts were just sitting in the holes with nothing to hold the bed together. Awesome. I replaced them all with real nuts, but I want to lodge a complaint. I shudder to think what could have happened had the bed collapsed on my DD sleeping on the bottom bunk.:eek:

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You can try. We reported a rainforest playpen where the sides suddenly collapsed. My daughter was fell out and narrowly missed going through a glass table. I believe there were more than a thousand similar complaints before the product was recalled.

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UPDATE: I filed a report with CPSC and just got a call from the store I bought the bed from investigating the report. They will be calling the manufacturer about it and will be calling me again. I'm glad my report didn't just sit there and that CPSC is actually taking it seriously.

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