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TOG users: does it matter which Norton I get for yr1?

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Jen, the Amazon description says that the eighth edition has 37 new authors and 150 new works, so matching pages may not be your only problem. However, you may find for ancient period that many of the works are available online, which has been my experience in looking at various translations. I am having trouble on Amazon even finding an earlier edition.

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I used an older edition. We just had to look up the literature in the table of contents. If something was missing, we tried to find it on-line. If that didn't work out, oh, well! We skipped it. No guilt. TOG1 (and all of the levels, really) have more reading than a typical ps school, so missing one is not a big deal.


It was more of a pain to look up all the poems because there were so many of them in TOG 2. BUT, for the price, older is fine.



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