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Does this sound like a good way to help my daughter read better?


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My 8.5YO struggles with reading. She never got a full phonics course and spends so much time decoding that her reading comprehension is low. I am a curriculum junkie (as I mentioned in another thread) but I have decided that with her I really need to spend the school year focussed on strengthening her reading skills. So before I press "buy" on yet another curriculum, I wanted some input.


I am thinking of getting Memoria Press 2nd grade, which still includes phonics, the more "advanced" phonics that she is missing - vowel teams, etc plus a strong focus on the 3 R's. I need more of a package curriculum as I just started working nights and my time is tighter now than it has been. I thought I could throw in some interest led stuff - like botany but really focus on the reading and writing.


Are there better ideas? Or how does this sound to you?

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You could have her work through the things on my how to tutor page and/or my phonics lessons. (all you need is in the links at the end of the page)


I just added in a checklist to the how to tutor page that makes it all very easy to keep track of everything and monitor progress. It is a lot of different things to print out, but not a lot of pages total if you use the Webster's Excerpts, and it teaches phonics to a 12th grade level and includes spelling rules.

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