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Tonsillectomy and Kids, help!

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My oldest had her tonsils/adenoids removed yesterday and ear tubes put in. The ENT said the tonsils/adenoids were larger than anticipated and a bit difficult. He also said her ears were a mess and needed to be suctioned out. I did request extra pain medication for her but he said that he couldn't give her extra simply due to her diagnosis, he suggested contacting her psychiatrist for medication help if she became agitated.


Yesterday was simply awful, by the way. We waited for four hours before surgery started and she was completely agitated. They said they couldn't give the medication my psychiatrist suggested (due to concerns of sleep apnea, which I do understand) and their only suggestion was Versed. I agreed to it since she was almost out of control at that point (again, no food for nearly 18 hours at that point) and she wasn't allowed her usual anxiety medication. When we came home, she was sticking her hands down her throat, throwing things, pinching herself and throwing herself against the walls. I gave her a full dose of pain medication and her anxiety medication (risperdol) and she calmed down significantly within 30 minutes and then fell asleep. I woke her up for more pain meds during the night and gave her another full dose this morning. Her actions indicate she is in pain (keeping in mind her idea of pain may not be what we consider pain - the extra loudness in her ears from the tubes and from being able to hear properly for the first time in possibly years may be painful for her, for example). She's very agitated but manageable today.


However, my understanding was that today and tomorrow should be fairly tolerable with things getting worse and resolving on day 7 - 10 according to the ENT. I do have leftover lortab from when she had teeth removed a couple of months ago that I plan to use so I'm not overly worried about running out.


My biggest question is:

What was the general guideline for your kids when they had tonsils out? I've already decided to cut back a bit with the pain meds today because I've been told that she shouldn't need it as much today. I have ibuprofen and will be alternating it as much as I can and not giving a full dose. (Obviously if that doesn't work, I'll adjust).


My daughter cannot talk and communicates through pictures and word. She can answer very, very few questions. Her comprehension is very limited although when she is distressed she is clearer than usual. She can tell us her mood and has consistently pointed to:

I am mad.


I am hurt.


except after her medication. Then we receive:

I am happy.


She is pointing to her mouth and touching her lips whenever I check on her. She isn't eating much and doesn't want to drink much (we're forcing it since she dehydrates easily).


Should I call her psychiatrist and ask for stronger anxiety medication for the next week?


This is really much worse than I anticipated and I didn't go into this lightly. Any suggestions appreciated. Her ENT isn't very sympathetic and I won't be seeing him again after this visit. I'm sure he's a nice person and a great doctor (he came highly recommended) but he's not the right fit for us.

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I would stick with the stronger pain meds for a few days. I have done this with 4 kids--3 with special needs. Give the pain meds as directed EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT--set your alarm clock.


Honestly, with all of the kids we did here, staying ahead of the pain and pushing the fluids was the key to easier recovery. I don't like to add lots of meds but with the pain, I would certainly do so for several days....and I think it is day 5 or so that is another painful day.

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