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Hourly cost for a personal trainer?

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Dh got an upfront discount such that 6 sessions were $480. The sessions could be used weekly, bi-weekly, etc. He did this as follow on to PT associated with knee surgery.


Keep in mind this is the DC metro area. Things are expensive here.




Hyperventilating--that's really expensive. Hopefully we can work out something less than that.

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Have you checked out the Y?


My personal trainer charges $35 an hour and the one we used for Ky (he did a PE elective of physical training at the gym and I wanted it done properly) charged $30 an hour.




:iagree: My Y charges $40/hr for single sessions, and we have discounts for packages. We don't always train people for an hour at a time, either, so a 4 hour package could be 8 sessions.


You should also be very specific about your needs when looking for a trainer. Most of my co-workers are much more geared toward elite athlete training, some of us are more geared to "special population" and rehab. Not that it's one or the other - I work with one very young guy who does both really well - but it helps to have someone with the proper frame of mind for your goals designing your plan.

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