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Most productive year of High School?

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I had a really intriguing conversation with a seasoned homeschoolers of many and wanted to continue it/have more input. It began with me expressing that I was inclined to load up 9th grade out of concern that in the later years (11th/12th) there would be college admissions activities and generally less direct input by me in Dd's content/course of study.


The seasoned vet said she had found 10th grade the most productive for her first three graduated homeschoolers. Her take was that they had the foundation to produce deeper content and the maturity to go along with it.


I was curious what some of the hive might have experienced. What made it the "most productive year".


Productive = I really feel we accomplished a great deal and DC learned a great deal.

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I'm sure everyone's situation is different but for us most productive worked out in this order:


#1 = 10th

#2 = 11th and 9th (tie)

#3 = 12th


While in 12th grade the discussions and analysis went FAR deeper and were much sounder than any other year, between dual enrollment, testing, admissions/scholarship applications, and "senior stuff" it was hard to get much done at home that year (and we are not rigorous homeschoolers, nor were we trying for any ivy leagues or out-of-state schools, NCAA or anything tricky!). We actually got a lot done in 9th grade, but it was far less independent working than 11th and 12th grades. I now recommend to homeschooling friends that if you need to have years with harder classes and/or heavier loads, to do that in 10th and 11th grades, so as to not overwhelm your new-high-school 9th grader, and to lighten up for 12th to accommodate all the non-academics that suck away so much time.


Just our experience, FWIW! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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For me personally, 10th grade was by far my most productive year. I played several sports, worked part-time and made honor role. 11th grade was pretty good too.


My DD15 will be in 10th this year and we're looking forward to it! We're outsourcing a lot, but hoping for excellent results. And we're maximizing her extra-curricular activities too.

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How do you define "productive"?


In terms of my influencing my kids, it was probably 9th -- we outsource more each year during high school.


In terms of academically preparing kids for college, it was probably 11th -- between juggling rigorous outside classes and outside commitments, the kids got a real taste of what a busy schedule with little flexibility in deadlines looks like!


In terms of reading and discussions with me, it was probably 10th -- high level of maturity but still doing classes with me.


in terms of taking classes and tests that look good to colleges, it was 11th -- lots of AP's and SAT-2's and SAT's and PSAT's, etc.


In terms of personal growth -- academically probably 11th but in terms of faith and general maturity probably 9th or 10th.


In terms of knowing themselves, probably 12th -- writing all those college essays and making decisions about which path to follow really helped them come to terms with who they are!


I've subdivided "productive" in all the ways I can think of. What other ways can you folks think of?

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