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Picky question for LOTR fanatics...

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Ds and I are listening to Fellowship on CD. I've read LOTR 3 times and own the movies. In the movie, in Moria, Frodo and Gandalf have a conversation about Gollum. Frodo says that he wishes that Bilbo had killed Gollum. Gandalf tells Frodo that it was pity that stayed Bilbo's hand. I just confirmed this - scene 28 on my non-extended version. So, we're listening to LOTR, and I don't hear that part. I think I remember it from the book, but I stayed up late last night searching and searching for it and that conversation did not happen between Gandalf and Frodo in Moria. So, did it happen with someone else? Who was it? When was it? Or am I remembering it strictly from the movie?


I'm hoping someone can tell me. Otherwise, I will just have to read the trilogy again to see if it's there. I'm a nut. I swear I can't pick up the books without having to read until the end. I've even highlighted my copy :eek:




Argh!! This was supposed to go on the General Board...Anybody want to tell me how to move it?

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We started reading LOTR aloud several months back as a family and I have to confess that although I liked the movies, I couldn't make it through the books (Sorry - I'm so ashamed!) But- I will tell you that I do remember that conversation and also that we didn't make it very far into the first book. I *think* that conversation took place (in the book) between Frodo and Gandalf when they are in Bag End (?) - I confess I never understood all these different places in the little I read. I think I read too fast and don't hang on to the details very well - something to work on if I try it again ;)


Anyway, the funny thing is I don't remember it in the movie.. but then I might have missed parts of the movie.


Hope that helps - as "unexpert" as my understanding is, LOL!

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We started reading LOTR aloud several months back as a family and I have to confess that although I liked the movies, I couldn't make it through the books (Sorry - I'm so ashamed!)


Aw, Lynn. Don't be ashamed. I've known many people who couldn't make it through. Dh included. We sometimes have amusing debates about the book.

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Haven't read the other posts, but is it possible that you have a abridged version. The reason I ask is that last summer my dds and I listened to LOTR (or what I thought was the unabridged LOTR) and it turned out to be a shorter version. From looking at the cd book I couldn't tell, except the entire book (all 3 parts ) was on 17 cd's

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What are some other books that you have enjoyed reading?


We have read The Hobbit as a family read aloud and it was so much fun. Every night we felt we were meeting with a friend as we read about the new adventures of Bilbo. We felt the same about the Narnia books. Since then we have had a few good ones here and there but it's not like we are meeting with a good friend. What other great works have you enjoyed that would be good for family read alouds, or does nothing compare?


thanks, Cheri

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Hi Cheri,

For me, once I found Tolkien, nothing was the same again. Once we ran through the Hobbit and the LOTR, nothing else compared. We do love the Chronicles of Narnia very much and there are many books we have laughed, loved and cried over. Understood Betsy is a huge favorite and we enjoyed the Little House series.

The thing is though, once you have fallen in love with Middle Earth, you can't really ever go home again. No matter what I read and enjoy the sense of something missing lingers. I wanted the Children of Hurin for my birthday but no one remembered. I shall have to go do the unthinkable and actually buy myself something.

I am sure that I could be considered irrational but it is how I feel.

As an adult I adored the Belgariad and the Mallorean series by David Eddings, the characters were worth falling in love with even if the writing was not stellar. They were rollicking good fun and I love them. Pretty sure I could read them with the kids too. But they are not rich in prose and image and beauty and blah blah, you get it, they are not Tolkien.

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