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rereading TWTM/AAS


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I have been rereading the well trained mind and


1) does anyone know how AAS levels correlates to the stages/grades of TWTM? An approximation at least...such levels 1 -such and such-grammar stage, levels ? to level ? is logic and so on...or at least general grades for each level.


2)Also does anyone know when the author plans to stop writing her AAS levels...meaning when is she officially done with her spelling program so I can see where it will end.

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Level 7 is the final level and will take students up to high school level spelling. It's due out by the end of July & will cover:


1. Wrapping up the study of the phonograms

2. Latin elements (root words, prefixes, suffixes, Word Trees)

3. Greek elements (combining forms)

4. Words of French origin

5. Common Spanish words

6. Common Italian words

7. Putting It All Together for Lifelong Learning


Before that point, the levels and word lists in the All About Spelling program are arranged by concepts and spelling patterns rather than by grade levels.


HTH some! Merry :-)

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we will continue through level 7 and then start working on vocab or something like that.


What are your plans for after Level 7?


Rereading Twtm it recommends keeping a suffix and prefix list with meanings and a word root list starting around 5th grade for those using the spelling workout series...

but since we are not using it ...what are your plans?


Also twtm recommends doing Vocabulary for the Classical Roots grades 4,5,6 over the 5th and 6th grades if one is using Spelling Power but doesn;t say anything about AAS.


Suggestions and also once I read a better suggestion for Vocabulary for the Classical Roots-don;t know what it was...


vocabulary.com --off and on over the year but want something more structured

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